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Current paper industry supply, demand and competition pattern

Overseas economies have gradually recovered from the impact of the epidemic and demand recovery, driving the increase in paper consumption, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and overseas supply is obviously insufficient. Domestic enterprises have increased the export of paper products, and the year-on-year growth rate of China’s export volume has continued to increase.

The domestic demand is slowly recovering, because the overall impact of the epidemic is weak. With the gradual recovery of the epidemic, the domestic demand is expected to improve, and the demand for packaging paper will continue to increase

Because the pulp was affected by the epidemic, the operation rate and the progress of new production capacity were not as expected, and the imported wood pulp was also affected by the disturbance of the capacity supply of foreign pulp taps, the disturbance of transportation factors and the disturbance of geopolitics


Post time: Dec-17-2022

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